Provide safe, potable, affordable and sustainable water supply to all Licabeños where water is efficiently allocated and managed to support life.

Enhance the quality of life through continuous delivery of potable water and improve the well being of men, women and children of the community.

Performance Pledge
We, the Officials and Employees of LICAB WATER DISTRICT, commit to provide and efficiently serve you with potable, reliable and adequate supply of water.

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Customer Feedback Mechanism
Please let us know how we have served you by doing any of the following:

  • Write your comment/suggestions on “Post-Inspection” box of the Action Report which will be given to you after every maintenance work were done and checked by our field inspector/investigator
  • Write your comment/suggestions on “Suggestion” box to be found in front of the bill collector
  • Send your feedback through e-mail (
  • Talk to our Officer of the Day

If you are not satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately attended to by the Officer of the Day at the Customer Service Desk. You can also send feedback in case you are contended with the services we provide.

Thank you very much for helping us continuously improve and always be of service to you.